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Cook: Mozzarella Cheese

Cook?  Mozzarella Cheese?  Don’t you mean eat?


This month’s kitchen challenge was making mozzarella cheese!


I have been wanting to make cheese for a while, so I was so excited when Lindsay suggested mozzarella cheese for June’s challenge.

IMG_2095As usual, Lindsay included a bunch of recipes and links in her blog post and after doing so research, I realized that the easiest and best way to make this cheese was to buy the kit from Williams Sonoma.  I thought that this would be cheating in the cooking world, but really it wasn’t.  After my reasearch, I saw that this kit really just supplied the ingredients to make the cheese, it wasn’t a mixture like you might think.  By the time I would have bought all the ingredients (and it would have to be online…I couldn’t find everything in the store…it was going to cost me more.  So Williams Sonoma it was!


Once I had all the ingredients, the cheese was fairly simple to make.  While the cheese tasted like cheese, I don’t think it tasted too much like mozzarella cheese.  I am going to have to fine tune my craft.  This cheese was pretty dense, not as soft as mozzarella usually is.  I am going to keep working at it though!  I promise!

PS I am not including a recipe for this one. 1. Because I don’t really like how it turned out. 2. Because it is straight from the Williams Sonoma box and if you are going to make cheese, buy the box with the ingredients and the directions will be there waiting for you.  While it is easy to make, the directions are long and let’s face it…I’m too tired to type them out!

PSS Here are some recipes if your are feeling ambitious

Cheese Making

The Kitchn


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  • Lindsay 06.24.2013, 8:50 AM

    Your cheese looks a lot like mine. I was kind of disappointed in the results. Boo. :(

    • eatbakedrinkcook 06.24.2013, 9:50 AM

      I know, me too. But since I bought the kit and it was pretty easy to do, I’m willing to try it again. I can make 10 batches so I might try some ricotta too!


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